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Leave Policy for COVID-19 infected employees in Karnataka

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Precautionary step taken by the State Government of Karnataka on March 5,2020 to control the spread of Corona virus.

The Karnataka Labour Department issued a circular on March 5,2020 stating all establishment within the state to grant 28 days of paid sick leave to the employee who has been infected by COVID-19. It specifies that any infected employee who works in an establishment covered by the ESI Act will have to produce a medical certificate issued by any ESI hospital to avail the 28 days of paid sick leave.

If the establishment do not fall under the realm of the ESI Act, an infected employee can still claim 28 days of paid leave under Section 15 (3)of the Shops and Commercial Establishments Act (Which deals with paid sick leave).   

The Government of Karnataka vide notification No 170 dated 05.03.2020, towards prevention of spreading of Corona virus in Karnataka, has instructed Labour department to take necessary action. Since there is a need for leaves for infected employees, if any, the concerned employees who are covered under ESI should obtain declaration from ESI Hospital and submit to the employer to avail twenty eight days of leave with wages. Those employees who are not covered under ESI shall avail leave for twenty-eight days of paid sick leave along with other leaves as per Section 15(3) of Karnataka Shops And Establishment Act 1961.

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