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IT Declarations and the three types of payroll administrators

By Vishnupriya April 26, 2019

There are three types of payroll administrators in the world, and there are three words to..

TDS proof collection made easy with greytHR

By greytHR January 22, 2019

It is time for most companies to start collecting proofs for the declarations provided by..

Form 24Q generation: How can greytHR help you

By Thushara January 22, 2019

First things first: 31st May, is the deadline for the submission of Form 24Q for the quarter and..

Cloud software vs. on-premise software: A deep dive

By Guest January 21, 2019

Today, all organizations are looking for the agility and constant innovation required to meet..

A Status Page For A Calmer You

By Sayeed Anjum December 24, 2018

Downtime makes the heart go a-flutter. At greytHR, we understand how critical our service is for..

Don't forget to perform your leave year-end activities

By Vinod Gulvady December 20, 2018


Another year is rolling off the calendar in a couple of weeks! Expectantly, this would set off..

Introducing greytHR Onboard: It’s time to simplify new hire onboarding

By Sayeed Anjum November 20, 2018


Mohan is going to start his new job tomorrow. It’s an important move in his career. This is..

How an automated checklist can ensure a smooth employee onboarding process

By Vishnupriya October 29, 2018


Introduction: The Onboarding Diary

Meet John, a 33-year-old Human Resource professional with..

Process every step of your payroll accurately with greytHR Tasks and Checklists

By Vishnupriya September 27, 2018

With Payroll cycle around the corner for this month, the payroll stress would have already..