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Essential reporting for a result-driven company


‘To efficiently consume integrated data for use in informed decision making is a key to securing the advantage against competitors’. Competition is stiff and data is plenty, so the most logical step would be to harness all the information you have and aim to raise the bar on business intelligence. With companies spending vast sums on outsourcing management consultants ($604bn), it works in your favor to effortlessly gather and analyze your data in-house, wherever possible.

Essential reporting for a result-driven company

MIS reports - Every company’s HR department is packed with invaluable data. Very often, this data is overseen or buried under mountains of files. With effective MIS reporting, companies can leverage this information and gain insights into various HR functions, leave, attendance, etc. This would help in spotting potential areas that need intervention or even to provide a visual reference while creating the Annual Report for a company.

[greytHR gathers and makes sense of employee data on the system to generate accurate, company-specific reports]

Statutory reports - This feature is a boon to any SME that strives to be on track. Under traditional circumstances, one would need to search for the compatible format and only then, the report can be generated - this is a time-consuming affair with a high margin for error. However, with an effective statutory reporting tool that has a vast array of built-in reports (with compatible formats), this once tedious process is cut short to a few hassle-free clicks.

[greytHR has over 120 reports that are highly configurable and cover PF, ESI, Form 16, Form 24Q, etc. They’re automatically updated with the latest changes and are readily available to print]

Ad-hoc reports - An extremely useful tool to instantly generate reports with unique requirements that don’t normally arise. Under a typical scenario, it would involve a lot of man-hours to gather and compile data from various locations and make sense of it. An effective report designer can literally make indefinite reports using existing data.

[greytHR has a powerful report designer that lets you generate custom reports, instantly and straight from the application]

Powerful reporting capability is a vital tool in a company’s arsenal. It provides a bird’s-eye-view that helps making decisions easier. Additionally, you can maintain multiple dashboards to get a summary of all that’s happening in the company, effortlessly and with a mere glance. Eg., you can create a dashboard widget to display the count of employees on leave, present or even track the attrition rate. Being highly customizable, you can have all the information you want, the way you want it. Irrespective of company strength, this ready-to-use information will help in making better business decisions with effective, all-encompassing and highly accurate reports.

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