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Three reasons why HR should embrace social media


These days, customers, management, Human Resources, and employees seem to be literally meeting on the same page. The Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Yammer page or any other social media page of the organization attracts both customers and employees to engage with the content posted by HR. Organizations are going through a sea change with respect to their social media policy and HR is fully embracing this change. From an employee perspective, the timing could not have been better with more individuals using social media on a variety of devices for personal and professional work.

The new age HR uses social media for:

    • Recruitment: in a 2014 study done by BLR's HR Daily Advisor, 69% of HR used social media for end-to-end recruiting leading to lowered costs and higher efficiencies in recruiting. In a similar study done by SilkRoad, 91% of recruiters used social media to source and engage prospects and do background checks on candidates.
    • Engagement: internal social media tools, such as Yammer, have become a great way to motivate employees and retain talent through employee recognition. Social media has also become a platform to publish the training calendar and encourage the creation and use of knowledge repositories. 34% of HR professionals have affirmed their usage of social media for training purpose and 41% believe in implementing employee engagement.
    • Collaboration: HR is turning to social media to encourage team building and innovation by helping employees connect with each other. This sense of community and solidarity, when done the right way, motivates employees to visit the public social media pages of the organization to post Likes or Share recruitment bulletins or news of awards and achievements. This makes the cycle of engagement and collaboration a self-sustaining ecosystem for innovation, knowledge building, and talent retention.

In the SilkRoad survey, 67% of companies surveyed have already adopted or plan to adopt internal social media. As for the professionals themselves, 60.3% said their social media usage will increase this year. HR must continue to embrace this change and develop a structured way to weave social media into the fabric of the organization so as leverage it for both brand identity and as an enhanced way for employees to work, learn, and communicate.