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Meet TeamTWO


Meet our young team of development rock stars, the TeamTWO.  They are the ones that make things happen at Greytip; their hand sign is a 'V'.

A century ago, this team would have called itself as "The Water Ouzels" written in some Gothic typography. But the TLA fed, texting-savvy generation prefers it short - "TeamTWO" or  "team2". The original inspiration for the name is the The Water Ouzel, but the acronym TWO and the numeric 2 bring their own charm to the name.

The Water Ouzel (TWO)

(c)2009 William L. Sullivan,

What's a Water Ouzel?  It's the mascot and inspiration for the team. It's an amazing bird with oodles of character. Here are some interesting points from the Wikipedia article:

  • It's a songbird that prefers to live in rapids and feeds on the bottom of fast-moving, rocky streams.
  • The presence of this indicator species shows good water quality.
  • They even swim up-side-down.

The integer 2

The integer 2 is again quite a remarkable mathematical entity. Check out the wikipedia entry for an interesting read. Some nice things about 2:

ONE Vs TWO  (Why not ONE?)

  • For us, ONE is taken - our customers are #1 for us.
  • "ONE" is not a team, it's solitary effort.
  • 1 is a poor force multiplier - it can't do as much for your business what TeamTWO can!
  • "One" sound like having arrived. We keep trying harder, we keep aiming higher.

That's all for now, enjoy!