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greytHR PayNow—the future of salary payments

empower its customers with Connected Banking

greytHR is thrilled to bring to you, the future of salary payments – greytHR PayNow – the newly launched integration between greytHR and ICICI Bank, India’s largest and most preferred private sector bank.

greytHR PayNow is here to change the way you have been making employee salary payouts by empowering you with quick and convenient salary transfers, directly from the greytHR app. What’s more? It’s highly secure (high grade encryption and 2-factor authentication) and eliminates the risk of data leaks.

greytHR PayNow is the best possible way to pay salaries. Try it once and you will never want to go back to the painful, manual salary processing options of yesterday.


Convenient Salary Transfers

Currently, if you must make employee salary payments, you will have to run payroll for all employees, then download a payment instruction file and then submit it to the bank – either digitally or physically. The bank will then credit employee salaries. Now imagine doing all this in just a few clicks.
With greytHR seamlessly integrated with ICICI Bank, our customers now conduct quick and convenient salary transactions directly through the greytHR app, in just a few clicks, without logging-in to their ICICI corporate internet banking account each time they make a salary transfer.

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Data Confidentiality & Security

Data leakage and the possibility of data manipulation are the two big challenges with the manual submission of payment instruction files. With greytHR PayNow, the salary transfer is done from within the application. There is no need for data to be sent out and this completely side-steps the risk of data exposure.
The entire process is extremely secure with bank-grade encryption and 2-factor authentication. As an additional safeguard, you can optionally enable a authorization process that can be completed from the bank portal.

Easy Reconciliation

Tracking and reconciling employee salary payout status is a huge challenge, especially if you are making multiple transactions each day. Manually running through the bank feeds to extract status is both time consuming and tedious.
With greytHR and ICICI Bank integration, transaction status reconciliation is automated. You have nothing to do except checking out the status of each employee transaction from within the application. Moreover, you get to know the problem cases immediately instead of the embarrassing situation of employees having to flag the issue and the attendant delays.
We have email and SMS notifications to keep administrators and employees informed at all times.

Better Employee Branding

Apart from all the operational conveniences this is yet another opportunity to deliver a superior employee experience with flawless salary transfers without errors and without delays. Your employees will love you for this and just watch your employer branding soar!
For a small IMPS transaction fee, you could even deliver instantaneous salary transfers!

Customers today are always looking for a more personalised and meaningful experience. With greytHR and ICICI connected banking, we are creating newer ways to empower our customers with a superior payroll experience.