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Cut your Form 16 printing costs drastically


Are you still physically signing, printing and distributing a large number of Form 16s to your employees? If you are, know that you’re directly impacting the planet, already reeling under a global climate crisis.

A new paper submitted by James Hansen, a former senior Nasa climate scientist and 11 other experts state that the 2016 temperature is likely to be 1.25 degree Celsius above pre-industrial times, following a warming trend where the world has heated up at a rate of 0.18 degree Celsius per decade over the past 45 years!

Despite the fact that we live in the digital era, we still rely on traditional ways of storing, printing and signing documents and letters. Every year, we use more than 12.5 million tons of high-quality paper, a large percentage of which consists of printed e-mails, letters and important business documents like Form 16.

Maybe, reducing carbon footprint is not your cup of tea but don’t you want to save printing and paper costs for your organization? Don’t you dread those long hours you spend every year on printing, physically signing/ stamping, stapling and distributing Form 16 to each individual employee? Well, we’re not even talking about your real and valid concerns about confidentiality and misplaced/ lost Form 16s.

Yes, we realize that May 2017 is six months away but why wait till the last minute?

Embrace the greytHR Form 16 Digital Signer to digitally sign all your employees’ Form 16 documents at one go in a few simple steps.

Once the Form 16s are digitally signed, you can just click a button to either:

  • Publish the signed Form 16 on to the Employee portal.
  • Email these forms to all your employees.

So, go ahead. Save yourself from those dreaded long hours. Relax. Sip your favorite coffee or tea while greytHR digitally signs and distributes Form 16 to all your employees. Yes, you’ll save paper and printing costs for your organization but also be happy in the knowledge that you did your bit toward reducing carbon footprint.

No errors  |  No lost or misplaced documents  |  Zero printing and paper cost