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5 ways to save money in 2015


Businesses that squander valuable man hours and productivity lose steam and miss opportunities. A good HR and& payroll system like greytHR removes many obstacles to growth.

greytHR trims your budget by enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and increasing opportunities. Here are just 5 ways greytHR saves you money every day:

  1. Valuable CEO time is not wasted on addressing HR and statutory compliance issues.
  2. Unwarranted payroll costs are reduced by accurate leave and attendance management.
  3. Activities, such as payroll processing, payslips, statutory reporting, and letters, now take just minutes instead of days.
  4. With online self service, information is available any time, anywhere. This leads to massive time savings for everyone in the organization and less work for the HR Admin too.
  5. Huge productivity gains by eliminating rework, motivating employees, and reducing month-end stress, system downtime, and data losssystem downtime, and data loss.

What’s more, greytHR is available ats a small monthly subscription and replaces capex with opex. It also does not require any installation or maintenance at your office.