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What is Attendance Management?

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Tracking an employee's attendance is important to your company's profitability, reliability and reputation. Attendance is defined, quite simply, as showing up for work. But, how can you track it? By implementing well-defined policies and an attendance management software.

First, let’s define what is meant by attendance management.

Definition: Attendance management
It’s the art of managing attendance of employees at work to minimize loss due to productivity and employee absence. Positive attendance management strategy relies on incentives and recognition, effective employee engagement and transparent communication.

“If you have been told that you are late and unreliable more than once, then not only do you lack punctuality, but you also lack decency and seriousness, which is certainly very annoying.”  ― Auliq Ice

The attendance management system clearly defines when employees are supposed to show up for work, especially with hourly or nonexempt employees. This is important for nonexempt employees, who frequently perform jobs that require a person to be there to serve customers.

Obsolete attendance software
Without an attendance management system or attendance management software, capturing this information accurately was a pain. Usual methods were to capture it on Excel sheets or on physical attendance registers. These are prone to human errors and are obsolete when it comes to marking and capturing accurate attendance for multiple shifts.

Key challenges faced by SMEs
On a typical payroll cut-off date, you (as the HR or payroll personnel) will have to manually compile, collect, collate and then verify attendance details of all employees. Collation of such humongous data month after month is always a pain because there are chances of human errors creeping in. Sometimes attendance may not have been captured accurately or reliably and this may cause employee dissatisfaction.

The key challenges faced by SMBs regarding their attendance systems maybe the following:

  • Physical attendance registers: Most of them don’t have any attendance system actually to speak of. Unless you want to count physical attendance registers or punch cards as attendance management systems. Maintaining such attendance registers and punch cards and manually calculating total hours spent at work, along with Overtime, is time-consuming. This problem can be solved by using an attendance software that works!
  • Using Excel sheets for attendance: A small set of SMEs use Excel sheet to mark and capture attendance for their employees. Capturing attendance on Excel sheets are prone to human errors and takes a lot of time and effort to maintain and update for each month/ shift. This problem can be solved by using an attendance software that works!
  • Capturing attendance via swipe machines or biometric devices: Some SMBs may rely on capturing attendance from swipe machines or biometric devices installed at their office(s). But this will require for them to buy and maintain:
    • Multiple number of third-party attendance hardware devices, such as biometric or ID card swipe machines
    • internal wiring,
    • associated server(s), and
    • IP networks to be set up (for authentication purposes).
    • This setup and its maintenance (via an AMC) is a huge cost that can be easily avoided.
  • Multiple attendance systems create chaos: What if one of their office locations captures attendance based on manual swiping? What if, another location uses Excel sheet to mark/ capture attendance? Such a situation poses a tough challenge for every shift, every month. You need to collate, compile, maintain and verify attendance accurately and reliably from different sources. This may cause multiple recalculations and double checks.
  • On-site employees’ attendance issues: Some SMBs (especially, staffing solution providers, ITeS, IT companies, etc.) may have employees, who on-site... For example, out of client locations. In this case, they can’t use their clients’ third-party attendance hardware system to capture attendance data of their own employees.
    “Punctuality is not just limited to arriving at a place at right time, it is also about taking actions at right time.” ― Amit Kalantri

Benefits of attendance management

  • Both employees and their managers access an employee portal to view, apply, track, review, approve or reject leave applications as appropriate.
  • Managers can view which of his/ her team members are punctual by viewing their in and out time over a period of time. The attendance information is captured and displayed in real-time and not processed at the end of the day, week or month.
  • Managers can add or modify shifts for his/ her team members.
  • On an attendance software, managers can approve or reject their team members’ attendance regularization requests.
  • You can use the GPS-based attendance capturing feature to track attendance of their mobile or on-site employees without having to rely on client SPOC or biometric devices.
  • Both employees and managers can relax and not worry about whether attendance was captured accurately or not because of a real-time attendance software module. Both of them can focus on completing their projects and assignments rather than wasting everybody’s time and effort recording and mailing attendance details, approvals and follow-ups.
  • A real-time attendance software enables a manager, who’s located in a remote location, to view who’s in!
  • Overtime and time management issues can be resolved between managers and his/ her employees based on accurate and real-time attendance data. Managers and his team members can eliminate all paperwork and emails regarding clarifications and doubts on attendance, as the system will show accurate and reliable data.
  • A very good attendance module can allow managers to be alerted to early or late in/out swipes in real time. Alerts like these can afford a manager the opportunity to address his/ her team members’ attendance issues early, before they become larger problems.

greytHR’s attendance management module provides all these benefits due to a host of features that it provides. Our customers across India and the GCC love our attendance management module and how it seamlessly integrates itself with our Payroll module for you to experience single-click, hassle-free payroll processing every month.

Go ahead, adopt greytHR at an affordable pricing plan of your choice to solve your attendance blues!


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