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Revision Planner: Salary Cut Budgeting in COVID Times & Beyond

By greytHR May 11, 2020

COVID 19, the Black Swan of 2020, has hobbled the world economy. All businesses are figuring out..

3 Methods Of Implementing Payroll Cuts

By Sayeed Anjum May 6, 2020

Most companies are implementing salary cuts. If you too are considering it, this article will..

A 5-Step Process for Effective Pay Cuts

By Sayeed Anjum May 6, 2020

The economy is in doldrums, and businesses are reeling from it. To stay afloat, most businesses..

Is your payroll process secure in this Coronavirus situation?

By Vinod Gulvady March 12, 2020

Coronavirus is quite a contagious disease that spreads easily from an affected person to..

What to expect from your payroll process in 2020?

By Vinod Gulvady January 14, 2020

Let us perform a reality check. Is your payroll process partially manual and partially..

IT Declarations and the three types of payroll administrators

By Vishnupriya April 26, 2019

There are three types of payroll administrators in the world, and there are three words to..

Five Simple Steps to Setup a Payroll Process in a Small Business

By Megha Vijay March 29, 2018

A business idea needs people who can execute it. For some time you may even run the show all on..

Top Six Payroll Validations for accurate payroll processing

By Megha Vijay February 21, 2018
A small error in payroll processing can cause financial embarrassment for the organisation..

The minefield that is manual payslip generation

By Thushara November 27, 2017

Payslips cannot be generated using spreadsheets alone. It takes a macro to get the job done,..

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