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A simple guide to creating a holiday list(s) for your company

By Ketan August 28, 2017

Public holiday – A simple definition

A public holiday or national holiday or legal holiday is a 

Important factors to consider while structuring a good leave policy

By Ketan August 16, 2017

Any HR policy is a formal statement that lays down the rules and regulations for a particular HR..

The biggest problem with Leave and how you can fix it

By Yohann February 15, 2017

Leave is something that continues to be in the grey area for most companies. Many aren’t aware..

Types of Leave in India and Leave Management Process

By Guest January 11, 2017

After having bagged your dream job (congratulations on that!), we believe you would like to read..

Leave year-end process: Why it’s time to move on from Excel

By Thushara January 9, 2017

The leave year-end process is a key aspect of leave management in any organization. Leave..

Why you should encourage your employees to go on leave | greytHR

By Yohann November 30, 2016

There’s more to leave than meets the eye. Oftentimes, it’s a topic that’s met with a great deal..