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Tackling the pandemic-related challenges of HR

By greytHR September 15, 2020

COVID-19 and the challenges of HRM

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Learning & Development For Employees During COVID

By greytHR August 14, 2020

In this period, when almost all global activity is disrupted due to coronavirus, remote work is..

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12 Ways Cloud HR Software has changed the way Human Resources works now

By Vinod Gulvady July 13, 2020

Know how Cloud HR Software Solutions have changed the Human Resource Landscape

Human Resource..

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How to Choose the Best HR Management Software for your Business?

By greytHR June 26, 2020

Timelines, resources, efficiency, security, robustness, smart work, quality, speed, accuracy,..

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Role of HR Management Software in the Growth of Small Businesses

By Nitika Rawat June 26, 2020

A survey conducted by CII states that 20% of medium and 80% of small enterprises do not have a..

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How to gear up your HR Department to conform to the PDP Bill?

By greytHR March 3, 2020

The nation is underway to get a Personal Data Protection Act implemented, which will..

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Simplify Onboarding for New Hires Using greytHR Onboard

By Sayeed Anjum September 11, 2019

Onboarding new hires is easier said than done.According to a study conducted by SHRM, 17% of new..

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