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How to Choose the Best HR Management Software for your Business?

By greytHR June 26, 2020

Timelines, resources, efficiency, security, robustness, smart work, quality, speed, accuracy,..

Leave Policy Sample

By Bhuvana Anand March 5, 2020

Any establishment requires a proper leave policy in place to regulate unauthorized absence for..

The Karnataka Minimum Wages Notification

By Khibtiya Afreen April 11, 2019

The Government of Karnataka vide notification no. P&S-I/CPI/2018-19 has released the enhanced..

Maharashtra Exemption From Payment Of Late Fee Under Maharashtra Professional Tax 2018

By Vivek S November 20, 2018

As per circular dated 19th October 2018, the Office of the Commissioner of Professional Tax has..

The West Bengal LWF Contribution Rate Revised 2018

By Vivek S November 20, 2018

As per notification published by the West Bengal Labour Welfare Board dated 12th October 2018, the..

List of National & Festival Holidays for 2019

By Vivek S November 20, 2018

This holiday list shows the grant of national and regional festival holidays to persons employed in..

How an automated checklist can ensure a smooth employee onboarding process

By Vishnupriya October 29, 2018


Introduction: The Onboarding Diary

Meet John, a 33-year-old Human Resource professional with..

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