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Reasons to Invest in Employee Management System

By greytHR October 15, 2020

Employee self-service, employee management, employee experience, payroll system, HRMS

Self-service is giving productivity a dramatic boost. Don’t miss the bus!

By Thushara January 24, 2018

Modest yet powerful, assertive yet endlessly helpful… have you met self-service yet?

Let me do a..

How happy are your employees?

By Yohann October 18, 2016

We’ve touched on this before that a successful company is one with happy employees. I cannot..

Self-help channels to effectively use greytHR

By greytHR May 5, 2015

At Greytip, our USP is our personalized and totally free customer service - right from..

Ways to retain employees in your start-up!

By greytHR April 21, 2015

Does it ever hurt you to not see your favorite waiter at your regular restaurant? You feel..

Employee Portal is the ATM for HR services

By greytHR April 6, 2015

You are all set for a great weekend trip home. You drew some cash at an ATM and downloaded an..

Ride the wave of employee empowerment

By greytHR May 9, 2013

According to Thomas A Potterfield, many organizational theorists and practitioners regard employee..

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