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Attendance Management - Made Easy with greytHR

By greytHR June 16, 2021

“Time is money” said Benjamin Franklin

Choosing the right Attendance Management system for your business.

By Sarmistha Sengupta September 16, 2020

Attendance Management System that suits your business needs. 

Employees are an integral part of..

How to differentiate between time, attendance and leave management processes

By greytHR September 4, 2020

Time, attendance, and leave management have always been a priority item for most organizations..

A safe entry to workplace with Facial Recognition Attendance System

By greytHR August 14, 2020

Facial Recognition Attendance System is the new-generation attendance tracking mechanism ideal..

Create a secure workplace with greytHR Visage

By greytHR August 14, 2020

Time to make your workplace safe with touchless entry. Know about greytHR Visage, our all-new..

Looking for HR policies?

By Bhuvana Anand March 3, 2020

In the rapidly growing market conditions and scenario, it is a critically essential prerequisite..

Track attendance in a smart way with GPS based attendance marking

By Vishnupriya September 20, 2018

As a fast growing organization, your biggest challenge is to manage employees effectively. This..