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Your Payroll is 100% statutory compliant using greytHR


Facing trouble with compliance management? Looking for guidance for all your statutory needs?

A lot of your company's effort and money goes into ensuring that payroll is complaint through statutory audit?

From employee’s fair treatment of labour to protecting company from unreasonable wage or benefit demands from trade unions or aggressive employees, every business faces a worrying number potential legal issues relating to compliance. However it may never be a company's intent to break these laws but without necessary protection it may easily slip through the cracks.

So how can be sure that you can avoid the risk of non compliance?

greytHR payroll software helps you meet all your HR compliance requirements and provides hassle-free payroll processing which is 100% statutory compliant.

But before we get onto what greytHR does, let’s understand what statutory compliance is.

What is Statutory Compliance?

Statutory Compliance in HR refers to the legal framework that an organization should adhere to in treating its employees.

Every country has its own sets of state and central labor laws that companies need to comply with. Dealing with statutory compliance requires companies to be updated with all the labor regulations in their country, towards which they invest a huge amount of money, effort and time to meet compliance requirements from professional tax to minimum wages.

This is where greytHR - India’s pioneering cloud HR & Payroll software - can be a reliable partner and provide comprehensive support to meet all your statutory compliance needs, all at a highly cost-effective price point.

Simplify your compliance functions with a greytHR statutory compliance checklist

Income Tax/TDS calculation

greytHR provides an automatic, end-to-end income tax process and computation - starting from income tax declaration (Form 12 BB) all the way to Proof of Investment (PoI) submission and processing. Also, generate error-free and accurate Form 24Q and Form 16 in a few simple steps.

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Provident Fund (PF)

greytHR handles all PF calculations and allows you to generate ECR files automatically. Using greytHR’s Data Drive feature, collect KYC documents in bulk, with a single click, from all your employees to file their PF returns via ECR 2.0.

Employee State Insurance (ESI)

greytHR automates ESI calculation - both for employee and employer contributions - along with the payroll process on a monthly basis. It also generates your monthly ESI challan report and runs an eligibility check for your employees as per the given ESI cycle.

Professional Tax (PT)

Each state has its own rules for PT and we have that covered for you. Be it monthly or half-yearly PT calculations, greytHR delivers it for you along with accurate remittance reports for the necessary states.

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Other Statutory Acts and Reports

Readily access compliance forms and reports such as those under the Shops & Establishment Act, Factories Act, CLRA, etc., in a single click.

To understand the compliance rules and forms for each state, refer to stacowiki

Reliable support for all your statutory compliance needs

  • Strict adherence to the HR statutory compliance of India
  • Automatic software updation of any statutory laws changes
  • Powerful tools to automate statutory computation and reporting work
  • Manage critical statutory needs in connection with HR processes

With greytHR in place, we can guarantee you of total compliance, a happy and stress-free workforce and ultimately, a more productive environment!

Give greytHR a try!


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