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Sectors Showing Green Shoots of Economic Revival Post Lockdown

By greytHR August 14, 2020

Indian Economy is fighting with the inopportune blow from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Observing..

A safe entry to workplace with Facial Recognition Attendance System

By greytHR August 14, 2020


Facial Recognition Attendance system is the new-generation attendance tracking mechanism..

Create a secure workplace with greytHR Visage

By greytHR August 14, 2020

Time to make your workplace safe with touchless entry. Know about greytHR Visage, our all-new..

All About Minimum Wages Notifications (Central & States)

By Bhuvana Anand August 12, 2020
As per the Minimum Wages of the employees/workers Code, employers shall not pay the ‘Wages’..

Statutory Notifications (States) June-July 2020

By Bhuvana Anand August 12, 2020

Further Amendment To Applicability Of The Contract Labour (Regulation And Abolition) Act, 1970..

What are the upcoming trends in HR software?

By Vinod Gulvady July 20, 2020

Trends in HR software has seen a substantial inclination towards automation in recent times.In..

Why spreadsheets are slowing your annual leave processes down

By Vinod Gulvady July 17, 2020


Know why it is essential for a growing company to switch to an employee attendance management..

Features and Benefits of an Automated Attendance Management System

By Vinod Gulvady July 16, 2020

Know how an Attendance Management System can be beneficial to your company

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