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Is your payroll process secure in this Coronavirus situation?

By Vinod Gulvady March 12, 2020

Coronavirus is quite a contagious disease that spreads easily from an affected person to..

Investment Proof Verification Guide: For Employers/Admins

By Sajay Singh February 19, 2020


The new financial year is almost here - and its time for payroll admins to collect and verify..

How payroll data can support business decisions

By Vinod Gulvady January 27, 2020

It is no secret that companies rely heavily on data in this complex world of business in order..

What to expect from your payroll process in 2020?

By Vinod Gulvady January 14, 2020

Let us perform a reality check. Is your payroll process partially manual and partially..

Payment of Bonus Act: Applicability, Calculation and Commonly Asked Questions

By Vinod Gulvady October 16, 2019

As per statutory laws, the Government on India mandates organisations to pay yearly bonuses to..