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Leave year-end process: Why it’s time to move on from Excel

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The leave year-end process is a key aspect of leave management in any organization. Leave year-end activities include consolidation of different leave types availed of, clearance of all pending leaves, and more. Even a mismatch of a single day’s leave can result in cost implications for your organization and employees alike and needless loss of credibility for the organization, not to mention disgruntled employees.

Given the stakes, is using spreadsheets the best route to take when it comes to the leave year-end process? Haven’t you faced a host of issues such as simple but overlooked copy-paste errors, missed leave approvals and miscalculations? Or dreaded the hassle of managing rules for each leave type? What about conveying all the relevant information to each employee after you have calculated the leave year-end process?

Lay your worries to rest with greytHR’s leave management module, which includes the leave year-end process as a key feature. A quick glance at the table below will help you compare and contrast Excel sheets against greytHR, which has an advanced leave year-end process built in.

Leave year-end activity

Issues faced in Excel

The greytHR solution

Leave tracking

  • Rendered difficult due to scattered information found on mails, etc.
  • Time-consuming
  • Centralized location for all leave-related information
  • No redundancy implies greatly reduced workload

Managing rules/formulae

  • Calls for an experienced Excel user with a thorough understanding of the application
  • Designed to be self-explanatory and can be handled effectively even by newbies
  • Availability of prompt support

Statutory compliance

  • Calls for manual updation of increasingly complicated statutory laws
  • Updated for 100% compliance at all times

Accurate opening balance

  • 80% of companies take  several weeks to generate accurate O/B for all employees
  • One-click process on greytHR

Other issues

  • Lack of transparency
  • Highly people-dependent, leaving critical data at the mercy of individuals
  • Easily traceable and 100% transparent
  • All information is backed up on a daily basis, making retrieval easy

Here’s a closer look at some of the key problems that pop up when running your leave year-end process on Excel.

Leave Tracking

Leave tracking is an essential prerequisite to all activities pertaining to the leave year-end process. Do you find yourself cross-checking to see if the leave information on your Excel sheets and the leave notifications received via mail are in sync? Are you left wondering with whom leave applications are stuck, creating bottlenecks? Is leave tracking your single biggest issue in leave management?

If you found yourself answering ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, what you need is a centralized location where all leave history and information for the calendar year are stored and can be retrieved easily - just what greytHR offers.

Managing rules/formulae

Time crunches leading you to use the copy-paste function on Excel where VLOOKUP is ideal, leading to compromises on the accuracy front? Reference errors popping up leaving you unable to trace their source or devise a solution for them? You’re not alone in this. Working with Excel can be a nightmare, especially for time-bound tasks such as the leave year-end process. This is particularly true if one isn’t highly familiar with the functionalities and shortcomings of the application.

But look no further for an easier alternative. Built for user-friendliness, greytHR packs a punch when it comes to providing an easy-to-use feature that handles your HR & Payroll needs accurately and efficiently.


Leave is--quite simply--an affair close to your employees’ hearts, and not one you want to mess around with! A leave management system that can provide all the information you need, regarding an employee’s leave application status at any point, builds trust in your organization and adds to its credibility.

Such transparency is difficult to achieve on Excel as information is scattered and ready information is virtually impossible to extract from the application. This is due to data being spread out over a mind-boggling number of worksheets.

These are but a few of the leave application issues that plague you when you perform the leave year-end process on Excel.

It need not be this complicated. Instead, opt for greytHR. Simplify to stand out.

Still in the dark? Have your questions on the leave year-end process answered here.

What better way to understand a system that by seeing it in action. Have a look at our videos on greytHR's automated leave year-end process and manual leave year-end process.

Also here’s a chance for you to experience our free demo.

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