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greytHR’s Geo Mark makes swipes and biometrics obsolete

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Your problem
Do you have employees, who work out of multiple offices? Do you have mobile employees, who’re on the move? If yes, one of the things that bug you every month is capturing such employees’ attendance reliably and accurately.
We know that you’re capturing their attendance from biometric devices/ card readers installed at your different office locations. We know that you’ve integrated the attendance hardware with greytHR so that it automatically captures all employees’ attendance details.

    Remember that this has made you buy and maintain:
  • biometric devices/ card readers,
  • associated server(s), and
  • IP networks to be set up (for authentication purposes).

Setting up the biometric devices/ card readers along with servers and IP networks, across office locations, and their maintenance is a cost that you can easily avoid.

On-site employees’ attendance issues
What if you have employees, who work on-site (out of client or vendor locations) on short-term or long-term projects? In this case, you can’t use your their biometric device/ card reader to capture attendance data of your employees. You’ll have to rely on the client-side manager/ SPOC to provide you with your employees’ attendance details, which is taxing the client highly. Also, this may not be reliable and can lead to unnecessary friction and trust issues.

Your need defined
Don’t you wish that there was a way to mark and capture reliable and accurate attendance of all your mobile, remote and on-site employees? Without relying on biometric devices/ swipe machines, their maintenance and associated costs.

Well, there is a new way. One new feature on greytHR that addresses all the problems!

And this feature is integrated with the ubiquitous gadget: a smartphone. Yes, all that you and your mobile, remote and on-site employees need is a mobile device. Of course, a GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet with good Internet connection.

Our new easy-to-use feature
Use our newly launched Geo Mark feature! It’s simple. Just two simple steps:

  1. Predefine the GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates for each of your office/ on-site client location on greytHR by using the Office Locator app. You can set up as many location coordinates as you want.
  2. Inform your employees to download and access the greytHR app on their smartphone.

That’s it. Now, your employees can mark attendance on the app when they arrive and leave the predefined coordinates set for those office or on-site locations! 

Your benefits
No more reliance on third-party attendance hardware, its maintenance and associated costs. No more relying on your client/ vendor to mark attendance of your on-site employees.
So go ahead. Use our Geo Mark feature and enjoy complete peace of mind.

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Please remember that this is only one of the latest features to be added to greytHR’s ever increasing portfolio of useful HR and payroll features

P.S. Please provide us with your feedback after you’ve started using Geo Mark. Has it made your life and your employees’ lives better?

We’re waiting earnestly for your feedback.


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