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GPS-enabled attendance makes attendance hardware systems redundant

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The age of fast-paced technological change is upon us and the attendance management software landscape is no exception. On that note, allow us to introduce our latest offering: Geo Mark.

No longer do your employees have to go through the hassle of using biometric devices or swiping in and out of your office premises for attendance purposes.

Now, simply use our greytHR mobile app to automatically capture your employees’ sign-ins and sign-outs out of predefined office or client locations.

Let’s take a closer look at this new feature.

Concerns resolved via Geo Mark
When handled on biometrics/ swipe-based attendance systems, requirements such as attendance capturing for mobile employees, across multiple offices and client/ vendor locations, add unnecessary layers of complexity. The accuracy and reliability of the data captured is also questionable.

    The use of such systems also implies:
  • Heavy dependence on third-party vendors
  • Management of the associated AMCs (annual maintenance contracts)
  • Maintenance of biometric devices or swipe machines, the associated server(s), and IP networks set up for authentication purposes

You may be capturing attendance from your attendance hardware either manually on Excel or by integrating it with an HRMS tool. Such a setup and its maintenance is a huge cost that you can easily avoid.

Do you have on-site employees?
    In case of on-site employees working out of client locations, you can’t use your clients’ biometric device to capture the attendance of your employees. This means reliance on your client-side manager/SPOC to provide you with your employees’ attendance details. This presents:
  • An additional burden on your client
  • Inaccuracies, which, in turn, mean friction and trust issues

Defining utopia
    Ideally, you would like to capture the attendance data of all your employees:
  • Accurately and reliably month after month
  • Without being swamped by third-party vendor costs and maintenance issues
  • Without adding to your employees’ worries
  • Without the need for approval/ clarification emails and follow-ups to resolve ambiguities

Your solution: Geo Mark
Is there one solution that addresses all the above problems?
Yes. Brought to you by greytHR, Geo Mark is the answer to all your attendance worries. Integrated with the omnipresent smartphone, this feature allows you to manage attendance with nothing more than a mobile device (with an Internet connection!).

So, how do you get started?

    Getting started: Simple, two-step configuration
  • Predefine the GPS coordinates for each of your offices, client/vendor locations or any other location that your employees work out of. This can be done by using an Office Locator app, and voila, you’re all set!
  • Once this is done, your employees simply need to download the greytHR app. Our app will then record their attendance when they sign in and out of that predefined location.

Your benefits
  • Farewell to reliance on biometrics or any other attendance hardware
  • No more maintenance and associated expenses for your attendance needs
  • No need for a dedicated HR personnel to capture/ resolve attendance-related queries and concerns

With Geo Mark, experience attendance the hassle-free way.

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Watch this space for updates on greytHR’s ever-increasing portfolio of useful HR and payroll features

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