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Generate best-in-class letters in less than a minute with greytHR

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Create beautiful looking letters in less than a minute with greytHR's new "Letter Creator Suite". 

Effective communication is the foundation of any relationship, and business relationships are no exception. However, large or small a company may be, professional and competent communication is an indispensable part of its performance and growth. There are various modes of communication, but Letter is the most accepted form as it also serves as a legal document in many cases. They are often used as reference material for internal and external transactions and various other business functions. 

The human resource department of every company depends mainly on Letter as a tool for communication. Starting from generating an Offer Letter to Confirmation, Promotion, and Exit, Letters are integral to the entire employment cycle of an employee. 

A business letter represents a company and should be carefully crafted and presented. 

greytHR’s new “Letter Creator Suite” is designed to effortlessly generate letters that look distinctive and convey high quality and standards. It allows organizations to create best-in-class professional-looking customized letters in less than a minute. 


Key Features of the “Letter Creator Suite”

  1. Create customized templates with guided instruction. 
  2. Upload the new template while the old ones remain preserved in the system. 
  3. Validate the uploads with error reports. 
  4. Edit the existing template as per business needs.
  5. Generate and share letters to individual and bulk in just a few clicks. 


Feature Pricing

This feature is a part of the greytHR’s Core HR module. Considering the importance and usage of the Letter Template feature in a day to day HR activity, we have realized that it is essential that the function is further simplified for the users. 

Hence, this all-new “Letter Creator Suit” remains available with our Core HR Module with no additional cost. 

Here’s how you can create beautiful looking Letters in no time.


Find the list of existing template tagged as “In-app customized template”.

Letter Screenshot-1

General Information on Letter Template


Upload your template. Click and download the Field Definition file.


List of letters generated for the employees 


Select Letter Template to generate letters for employees


 Generate letter for single employee


Select Multiple employee to generate letter for More than one employee


greytHR’s new Letter Creator module offers near-unlimited options to choose and create Letter templates based on your requirement. This simplified feature will help you create letters, store them on the cloud, and share it digitally in just a few clicks. To know more about the module, register for our upcoming webinar.

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