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Glimpse of Employment Laws during COVID-19 Pandemic in Karnataka

authorIcon By Bhuvana Anand 2 minute read topicIcon COVID-19

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Due to the different phases of lock-down owing to COVID-19, the Government of Karnataka has extended the period of license, payment of taxes, working hours in the Factories and subsequently withdrew the extension of working hours through some notifications. Get a glimpse of all these notifications here.

Notifications during Coronavirus outbreak: 

(Downloadable format)

  1. Withdrawal Of Order On Extension Of Working Hours In Factories - 11-06-20
  2. Extension Of Working Hours For Factories - 22-05-20
  3. Tax On Professions, Trades, Callings And Employments (Removal Of Difficulties) Order, 2020 - 16-04-20
  4. The Period Of License Extended To Ten Years Or More Under Karnataka Factories Rules, 1969-07-03-20
  5. Paid Leave For Employees Infected By Corona Virus In Karnataka- 05-03-20

The latest notifications on lock-down 5.0:

  1. Protocol For Inter-State Travelers To Karnataka During Phased Reopening - 31-05-20
  2. Lock-down 5.0 Extension Order in Karnataka - 30-05-20

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