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Sayeed Anjum

3 Methods Of Implementing Payroll Cuts

By Sayeed Anjum May 6, 2020

Most companies are implementing salary cuts. If you too are considering it, this article will..

A 5-Step Process for Effective Pay Cuts

By Sayeed Anjum May 6, 2020

The economy is in doldrums, and businesses are reeling from it. To stay afloat, most businesses..

Simplify Onboarding for New Hires Using greytHR Onboard

By Sayeed Anjum September 11, 2019


Onboarding new hires is easier said than done.According to a study conducted by SHRM, 17% of..

greytHR PIVault - A Secure Way To Manage Your Employee Data

By Sayeed Anjum August 19, 2019

Companies collect and store a considerable amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)..

A Status Page For A Calmer You

By Sayeed Anjum December 24, 2018

Downtime makes the heart go a-flutter. At greytHR, we understand how critical our service is for..

[Update for Customers] greytHR prices are changing from October, 2018

By Sayeed Anjum August 28, 2018

After 7 years, it's time for us to revise the greytHR pricing for our Indian customers. Worry..

How to promote health and fitness of employees

By Sayeed Anjum December 26, 2013

While employee wellness programs might appear to be another costly element for employee benefit..

Update on Labour Welfare Fund contribution (Karnataka)

By Sayeed Anjum December 12, 2011

Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) is a deduction mandated by the state government.  Karnataka government..

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