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Recent trends in rewards & recognition

By Ketan November 7, 2017

In VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) times, companies face challenges in..

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A simple guide to creating a holiday list(s) for your company

By Ketan August 28, 2017

Public holiday – A simple definition

A public holiday or national holiday or legal holiday is a 

Important factors to consider while structuring a good leave policy

By Ketan August 16, 2017

Any HR policy is a formal statement that lays down the rules and regulations for a particular HR..

Leave: Is it a right or a benefit?

By Ketan July 19, 2017

A prologue

The Cambridge Dictionary defines leave as, ‘time allowed away from work for a..

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Deciphering HR Budget for SMEs - Part 2

By Ketan April 11, 2017

Having already figured out all the elements that require budgeting in Part 1 of this blog..

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