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Bhuvana Anand

The Code on Wages, 2019

By Bhuvana Anand October 27, 2020

Code of wages- An Act to amend and consolidate laws relating to wages and bonuses and related..

Start-ups and Statutory compliance

By Bhuvana Anand October 27, 2020

Everything that you need to know about Start-up Compliance

Deciphering the Codes

By Bhuvana Anand October 15, 2020

Summarizing the key features of the three most anticipated Codes

The Indian Parliament has..

Records Retention Obligations of Employer

By Bhuvana Anand September 16, 2020

How many years of records should be preserved by an Employer under the Indian Labour and..

Consolidated Covid-19 & Other Statutory Notifications (June - August 2020)

By Bhuvana Anand September 14, 2020

State-wise COVID-19 and other statutory notification consolidated in a single place


Glimpse of Statutory Notifications (States) - July 2020

By Bhuvana Anand September 2, 2020

Take a quick glance at the Ordinances and Notifications passed by many State Governments in the..

All About Minimum Wages Notifications (Central & States)

By Bhuvana Anand August 12, 2020
As per the Minimum Wages of the employees/workers Code, employers shall not pay the ‘Wages’..

Statutory Notifications (States) June-July 2020

By Bhuvana Anand August 12, 2020

Further Amendment To Applicability Of The Contract Labour (Regulation And Abolition) Act, 1970..

Covid raises legal issues on workers' rights

By Bhuvana Anand July 13, 2020

Workers’ rights are humongous. It has evolved over centuries through several socialistic..

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