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7 Ways HRIS Applications Are Beneficial To Your Business

authorIcon By Bhuvana Ganesan 2 minute read topicIcon HRMS

Benefits of HRIS

It has increasingly become important for organisations to keep a check on their productivity. Efficiency leads to enhanced productivity. HRIS (Human resource information systems) is one of the ways of becoming both efficient and effective. HRIS is a software program that helps automate HR operations thereby reducing the workload contributed by cumbersome paperwork and recurring tasks. Having all employee data and information in a unified system makes it easier for the HR department to carry out its tasks. HRIS helps both employees and managers collaborate and handle workflows better to produce results. 

There are 3 key applications of an HRIS 

  1. Core HR - This includes all basic and critical HR operations like payroll processing and employee data management. 
  2. Managing Workforce - Employee performance tracking, Leave and attendance management, applicant tracking etc are used to enable efficient management of the workforce
  3. Strategic HR - Data analytics from various activities help in making various strategic decisions. HRIS is seen as a reliable data source. They can support in employee engagement to assessing performance to arriving at learning and development needs and much more.

Core HR is the most basic and critical function to be managed if you handle a workforce, no matter of what size. In small organizations, this function is mostly overseen by the business owner but with the growth of the business, other functions may suffer if more time and resources are allocated to HR operations. As the business grows, so does the workforce. There is a need to manage employees and productivity. This can get cumbersome with a large number of employees. Workforce management plays an important role in connecting core HR and strategic HR.

The benefits of adopting an HRIS system for your business are manifold

  1. Improve Efficiency 
    If you have been doing things the manual way in your HR department, with HRIS you will see a marked improvement in productivity as minimal efforts will yield better results. Paperwork and manual data entry will vanish and you will soon have a lot to thank your HRIS for.
  2. Save cost
    You can think of the amount you could save by avoiding expensive errors in your HR activities - especially payroll. Automation can also help you operate your HR department with lesser resources.
  3. Minimise errors
    Weeding out the process of manual data entry helps in reducing errors creeping into your HR operational work to a large extent. With seamless flow of data across platforms, pulling up information, for example, leave and attendance data for payroll processing will be a breeze. With compliances also taken care of, you can be confident of your processes in HR operations.
  4. Empower employees
    With data made transparent and accessible to all and employees being made responsible for processed like onboarding, managing leave requests and attendance they feel more empowered. Employees feel in control over their information and choices. 
  5. Track data easily 
    Organised data is definitely a boon. HRIS helps you do exactly that. No more of going through mail exchanges for leave requests or approvals for time off. Be ready for audits and pull out reports in a jiffy whenever needed.
  6. Make informed business decisions
    Data gathered through HRIS help in planning ahead. Multiple reports provide information for situation analysis and making strategic decisions. Identify areas of improvement and get a holistic view of your organisation. Achieve business goals and make an impact with the power of information.
  7. Centralise Employee Communication
    Work like a tight-knit team. Communication plays a very important role here. HRIS enables seamless communication to reach each and every employee at the same time in the organisation. Any announcements, reminders or just a check-in, HRIS enables this with ease.

In case you are looking for a comprehensive HRIS check whether it suits your requirements and covers most of the benefits listed above. Explore the pricing of the software and check whether you will get adequate support from the team. 

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