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Why Leave tracking is important?


People are one of the critical success factors of a business. Unauthorized absenteeism, lack of proper time/holiday planning, fall in productive hours etc. affect the overall efficiency of the organization.

In few organizations these are some common scenarios:

  • Staff not available at work because he is on leave and manager is not aware of this
  • Cashier extended leave without prior approval
  • Delayed service when Support Engineers went on unplanned leave
  • Employees have taken more leave than they are eligible
  • Leave policies of the organization are not being uniformly applied to all employees
  • Only a few people inform HR that they are on Leave and so their Leave Balance shows a higher number
  • Employee Leave balance is not correct and this has caused big dis-satisfaction

This unexpected behavior from employees can be costly for any business as this can lead to missing deadlines, unmanned counters, poor customer service, delayed billing, cancellation of orders, non-achieving targets, loss of goodwill etc.

A number of the above issues can be addressed by better planning using a leave tracking software. If an employee can plan his leave in advance, let the other stake-holders know about it then the entire team where the employee works are geared up to deal with the absence of the employee from work.

Also, uniform application of Leave policies, accurately tracking leave balances, etc, leads to greater employee satisfaction and enables organizations to engage employees better.

One of the common reasons for the planning to not happen is the lack of a easy way to do this. Typically employees would need to write a Leave letter / mail, wait for the Boss approval, then give it to HR. HR would then need to manually verify if all policies are adhered to, if balances are available, etc. The data would then be updated into an Excel file. With HR people also changing, the confidence on the origins of this Excel file and its current contents is not high.

But there are easy and simple ways in which this issue can be addressed. A good Leave Management software can help address almost all of these issues. A good solution to automate leave and attendance process

  • Helps the user to apply for leave, view balance and track entire leave transactions from a single point.
  • All applicable Leave policies can be verified at the time of application
  • Managers can get email alerts and review the Leaves at a convenient time and not be forced to act on it when the employee is standing in front of him.
  • A single review here will ensure
  • Accurate leave transactions and balances are updated, real time.
  • HR no longer needs to maintain Leave Cards and Leave records in Excel.

Implementing a good leave management solution will ensure that employees enable their organizations to plan their leaves better. This helps significantly reduce work disruptions and at the same time reduce the time and effort spent by HR on maintaining accurate leave records.

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