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What you can expect from an online leave management system

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Irrespective of the size of the organization, hassle-free leave management plays a vital role in the running of an organization. However, many organizations overlook its importance and fail to recognize how the lack of a good system could leave a scar on the business.

Challenges that leave management presents

Although leave management can be defined simply as ‘managing the leaves of employees’, there is more to it than meets the eye. This HR function has its own fair share of challenges and difficulties.

  • When a ‘no’ leads to a cold war: It goes unsaid that employee relations in the organization undergo considerable friction when leaves are denied. Poorly managed leave approval and rejection leading to uninformed leaves, improper tracking of LOPs (leaves without pay), etc., are telltale signs that leave management in the organization is in shambles.
  • The cost factor: Often, HRs find themselves in a trap when the company questions the percentage of payroll employees spent on absence-related benefits. Research says this figure stands at an average of 14.6%, implying a significant financial impact on companies.
  • A multi-faceted challenge: Although leave management is only one of the many functions an HR is required to manage, it eats up a considerable amount of his/ her time. Ensuring the availability of resources to ensure business continuity in the absence of an employee while simultaneously devising means and methods to improve employee satisfaction presents a multi-faceted challenge. However, these are both factors that define the sustenance and growth of an organization and have to be dealt with skilfully.
  • Sheer volume: HR faces many kinds of pressures without a structured leave module at hand. In the absence of one, hundreds of employee queries surrounding leave find their way into the HR’s inbox. Employees who are not in the know of the leaves available to them and an HR department that is constantly bombarded with queries surrounding leave are further signs that action needs to be taken to fix your leave management system, and help your HR stay afloat!

Thus, a poor leave management module has a negative impact not only on employees’ performance but also the organization. So, how is one to steer the wheel and dodge the routine maze that leave presents?

Manual vs automated: Who is winning?

By now you have a fair idea about how traditional leave management is slowing you down and that it would be impossible for a paper-based leave register or spreadsheet to hold the fort in leave management. The next question you probably have is, “Where do I begin?” (Breathe easy, for all you need to do is adapt and evolve.) To that end, let us tell you about the technological advancements that have come about in systems that allow you to manage leave effectively.

These are designed to ease your effort and put an end to the bitter interactions between managers and employees over leaves. Without a doubt, an automated leave management system is the best solution to keep the ball rolling without any hitch.

Here’s what one can expect from an online leave management system

  • Reduce error rate and processing time: Automation ensures that human error is eliminated, and that calculations are handled on the back end. This brings in a sharp reduction in the error rate and processing time.
  • Enjoy transparency: No information is swept under the rug. Leave approval and rejection become transparent.
  • Access accurate leave statuses: There needs to be no more confusion when it comes to calculating leaves. Precise and accurate information is available.
  • Access your personal leave history easily
  • Track leave trends, leave balances and leave taken by accessing the all-knowing leave dashboard!
  • Avail of employee access to leave information including the leave policy and leave status, which can be viewed anytime and anywhere by employees.
  • Achieve effortless adherence to leave policy: An online leave management system brings in transparency, discipline and order inside the organization, leading to effortless adherence to the company’s leave policy.
  • Avail of GPS-enabled attendance tracking: This is useful for companies where employees work from home or need to travel to other offices/ client locations to complete their assignments

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Bringing to the table complete transparency and satisfaction, greytHR has taken into account every detail of leave accounting to make it handy for your HR, managers and employees alike.

Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork, messy spreadsheets and awkward situations at work with an efficient leave management software that addresses all your concerns.

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