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Version 5.3.6: Product Update

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Release 5.3.6, comes with some important enhancements in the application. This blog sums up all these enhancements and keeps you updated.

Geo Mark

Prior to this release, organizations had to rely on biometric devices to track employees’ attendance. The only other means for employees to mark their attendance, was to sign in and out from the greytHR application over the web.

These measures came with the following adverse effects,

  • Maintenance charges for the biometric device and its associated server.
  • Organization had to maintain a private IP, in order to authenticate the sign in performed by an employee over the web. Acquiring this private network involved additional expenses.

To solve these adverse effects, greytHR came up with the option of Geo Mark attendance feature for the employees. With this feature, employees can now mark their attendance using the greytHR mobile app.

This feature, comes with the following advantages:

  • It’s an easy to use feature. With almost every other work getting done over mobile apps in just a few taps, employees getting to mark their attendance over the mobile app, makes this feature readily usable.
  • Supports attendance marking from multiple locations. For example, let us consider an organization that has offices in three different cities. There might be employees who are required to visit all these three offices in a month. In such situations, employees can mark their attendance from each of the offices.
  • Cost factors involved in maintaining the biometric device, the associated server and a private network (to authenticate user sign in) are now solved.
  • Employee instantly gets to know if attendance for the day is recorded or not.

The flow of events involved in enabling this feature, can be summed as follows:

  • Admin maps the GPS coordinates of the office premises. To do so, the Admin needs to install the Office Locator app. (In case of multiple office locations, Admin must define all such locations.)
  • Once the coordinates are defined, the employees can mark their attendance when within the defined location.
  • Employees can mark their attendance manually when they move in and out of the predefined location.

However, only employees who use the greytHR mobile app, can use this feature to mark their attendance. Hence, Admin must invite the employees who are yet to start using the greytHR mobile app.

Letter enhancements

The following enhancements made to letters, are sure to reduce the time and effort of an Admin.

  • Option to generate letters to multiple employees at once and download the generated letters in bulk, if required. For example, Admin can generate Appraisal Letters for multiple employees at once. Along with this, Admin can also find out if the letters are successfully published to the employees or not.
  • Provision to choose plain paper or letterhead as the print media, while generating a letter. Creating a letter using letterhead as the print media, solves misalignment and improper spacing of text. After choosing letterhead as the print media, Admin can also set the top and bottom margin for the letter. This greatly improves the look and feel of the letter thus generated.
  • Provision to copy and paste content from a Word file without altering the format. All this is possible for the much improved editor, that is introduced with this release. Using this editor, formatting and customizing of content, is an easy task.
  • The letter template can now pick up and display the CTC structure of an employee, as per an employee’s salary structure.


  • Admin can now define additional level of Reviewers for reimbursement workflows.
  • A new Provider Type, Category Based Admin, is now added for Workflow Reviewers. With this field added, the following provisions are now available:
    • Provision to list the categories based on position head.
    • Provision to assign these categories to Admin users.
  • The following reports are now available under greytHR:
    • Form XII - Register of Contractors - CLRA Central Rules
    • Form XIV - Employment Card - CLRA Central Rules
    • Form XV - Service Certificate - CLRA Central Rules
    • Form G - Register of Attendance and Wages - UP Shop Act
    • Form XII - Register of Advances of Wages - Andhra Pradesh
    • Form D - Central - Equal Remuneration Rules
    • Form U - Combined annual return for shops & establishments - Karnataka
    • Form C - Register of Employees - Punjab
    • Form C - Register of Employees - Haryana
    • Form E - Register of Deductions - Punjab
    • Form D - Register of Wages - Punjab
    • Form E - Register of Deductions - Haryana
    • Form D - Register of Wages - Haryana
    • Form A - Register of Employment - Kerala
    • Form H - Quarterly Return - Kerala
For more information on the release, click here.