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Version 5.3.4: Product Update

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Release 5.3.4 brings a new feature, Data Drive, along with some major enhancements in the application. This blog sums up all these changes and keeps you updated.

Data Drive

It is often a key responsibility of the HR admin to collect critical information from employees for quality assurance, statutory compliance and good decision making. Aadhaar card details, bank account information, PAN card details, UAN details, etc. are some important information that the HR admin may require to collect. 
With this release, greytHR brings to you a new feature, Data Drive, that acts as a campaign and helps the HR admin to collect all such critical information. Data Drive is a two-step process in which, at first the HR admin has to identify employees who are yet to provide the data that they require. As the second step, the admin has to collect the required data from the chosen employees through a data drive and then verify them.

As per EPFO directive, bank account and Aadhaar details are required to be updated for the purpose of filing PF return (ECR). Hence, with this release, the Data Drive feature will be used to collect the bank account and Aadhaar details of employees. In days to come, similar data drives can be created to collect various other critical information. The following steps briefly explain how the feature works:

  1. Once the Admin logs on to the application after the release, a dialog box appears informing about the EPFO directive and the count of employees (who are eligible for PF), who are yet to submit their Aadhaar and bank account details.

  2. On clicking the Take me there link present on the dialog box, the Admin is taken to the Data Drive page in the application (newly introduced page) where separate drives can be initiated for Aadhaar card details and bank account information. A list of employees who are yet to submit this information is displayed.

  3. Admin can then initiate the drive for all or selected employees. Counts are displayed on top of the Data Drive page related to Pending Initiation, Pending Employee Action and To be Reviewed, helping the Admin to keep a track on the drive.

  4. An SMS and email is sent to the employees informing them that the particular drive is initiated for them and they need to log on to the greytHR application to update their details.

  5. Once these employees log on to the application, they are prompted by a dialog box where they can then update their Aadhaar or bank account details (based on the initiated drive).
    Note: If an employee doesn’t have an Aadhaar card and has enrolled for it, even the enrollment details can be uploaded. After the Aadhaar card is created, the same has to be updated in the application. A To-do List appears on the Home page with links to drives that employees are yet to take up. Employees can click on the link to update the information anytime.
  1. After an employee updates the Aadhaar and bank account details, the Admin has to approve the same from the Data Drive and the verified data is available on the Employee Profile page and the Identity Verification page. 

Once the drive is initiated, Admin can sort out employees who are yet to update the information through the drive. In case employees are yet to update the information, the Admin can also send them a reminder.  

Attendance enhancements

  • A new rule, Swipe not present has been introduced for Attendance Status Criteria.
  • The grid appearing on the Attendance Muster page, has been replaced by the much improved ag-Grid.
  • Notifications are now available for Attendance Regularization.
  • A new option, Enable predefined reasons while applying for attendance regularization has been added to the Attendance Option page. Once this option is enabled, the predefined reasons appear in the form of a drop-down list for the employees, when they apply for attendance regularization.

Other enhancements

  • The POI (Proof of Investment) module is now introduced for employees.
  • ECR is going to be generated in the new file format as informed by the PF department.
  • The following seven reports are available with this release:
    • Form A - Register of Employment - Kerala
    • Form E - Register of Deductions - Haryana
    • Form D - Register of Wages - Haryana
    • Form H (Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Act) 
    • Form E - Register of Deductions - Punjab
    • Form D - Register of Wages - Punjab
    • Salary Register

For more information on the release, click here.