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Version 5.3.4: product release


Release 5.3.4 comes with some important enhancements in the application. This blog sums up all these enhancements and keeps you updated.

Arrears on FBP components

Arrears are now considered while creating a Flexible Benefit Plan (FBP) for new employees who joined in previous months, but had not declared the FBP then. Let’s consider a scenario in which an employee joined a company in the month of July, but the employer created the FBP only in the month of September. Hence, in such a situation, the employee will now be paid arrears (for the FBP components) for the last two months ie., July and August.

Bulk document upload for employees

Admin can now upload documents in bulk for an employee. This enhancement comes as a savior in situations when the Admin has to upload multiple documents one by one for an employee. The actual problem was involved around the task of uploading documents of different types (pdf, excel, doc, etc) in bulk, for one employee and then mapping them to appropriate categories such as education, experience, passport and so on. With the new enhancement, these issues are now solved.

Reports to be displayed based on locations

Earlier, the Reports Gallery displayed the same set of reports across India. However, there are statutory reports related to Professional Tax (PT), Labor Welfare Fund (LWF), Shops and Establishment, Factories Rules, etc., which vary from one state to another. For example, the Labor Law registers and reports used in Karnataka are not relevant for Andhra Pradesh or Maharashtra. Focusing on this issue, tags specific to location such as region, state and so on, have been introduced to reports. Based on the configured tag, the Reports Gallery now displays a list of reports that are specific to the chosen region or state.

Other enhancements

  • Enhanced grid control for employee segments. The new grid comes with the provision of copying and pasting employee numbers from Excel files to the table; inline to this action, the corresponding employee names appear in the table. Provision to save the list of employees and search for an employee across the system or in the displayed list of employees, is also available.
  • The Help Desk feature, is now available on the greytHR Employee Portal mobile application. It works in the same manner as it does over the web. To download the latest version of the greytHR Employee Portal mobile application, visit Google Play Store or iTunes.
  • Admin can now declare a Flexible Benefit Plan, on behalf of an Employee.
  • With Page Size and Orientation introduced for letter template, the letters generated now appear with proper spacing between each section that ultimately gives a better look and feel to the entire content.
  • Admin can now send mass SMS along with mass emails.

For more information on the release, click here.