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Version 5.3.3: product update


Release 5.3.3 brings in the Attendance module on the greytHR mobile app, policies for FBP components and some other useful enhancements for the customers.

Attendance module on the mobile app

With the Attendance module added to the mobile app, the app has become more handy and convenient for employees to use. However, as the Mark Attendance feature cannot be restricted to the office IP address only, this feature is not available right now. Apart from this, the Attendance module functions in the similar fashion as it does over the web, for both employee and manager.

Recent Swipes, Monthly Summary, Exception Days and Regularization are the main options that appear on the Attendance dashboard. The monthly attendance summary can be viewed in Shift and Calendar view. The Shift view is associated with legends and Shift Codes that helps in understanding the assigned shifts better. Regularize comes as an action button and the pending and completed items can be easily tracked. A manager can additionally make use of the Who Is In and Team Attendance Info features and can also review the regularizations applied by employees.

Policies for FBP components

A new initiative has been taken to define policies for FBP components. The Admin can now fix the scope of FBP components by defining policies. Employees can choose from the various FBP components that are offered to them. But they can declare these components only based on the policies that are predefined by the Admin. For example, Admin can define a component as mutually exclusive or dependent. In case of a mutually exclusive component, the employee can only declare that particular component and not the components that are related to it. Whereas, in case of declaring a dependent component, the employee must declare either both or any of its dependent components.

Admin can also define the quantity for a component. Based on the quantity and the base value, the declaration amount is determined. Employee cannot make any changes to it. Admin can even mark a component as Opt In. If the Admin opts a component as Yes, then the entitlement is automatically considered as declared for the employee. The employee cannot modify this amount.

Other enhancements

Apart from these two important enhancements, Release 5.3.3 also comes with the following other enhancements:

  • Attendance migration facility for users of the old version
  • Improved user experience (UX) for Payroll Inputs pages
  • Improved Arrears listing page with a brand new grid control for a better UX

For more information on the release, click here