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Version 5.3.2: product update


Release 5.3.2 comes with an important enhancement involving the Payroll Difference feature. With the existing options available for this feature, the Admin can easily identify the differences in the current and previous month's salaries of employees based on various components such as PF, ESI, Reimbursement, Salary Master and so on. The enhancement made to this feature, now allows the Admin to further differentiate the Payroll based on the Income Tax breakup and Employee Information.

The Income Tax calculations for an employee is greatly impacted once an employee changes a component under 80C, the HRA and so on. Using the newly introduced filter i.e. Income Tax, the Admin can now easily figure out the difference between the employee’s current and previous month’s Payroll, with respect to changes in Income Tax.

greytHR maintains a wide range of information of every employee. Change in one such information of an employee, can eventually affect the employee’s Payroll. For example, with no bank account created for a new employee, the salary may be processed using a cheque. However, once the bank account is created and correctly updated, the salary must be processed to that bank account. In such a case, the Admin can use the newly introduced Employee Information filter to differentiate between the employee’s salary payment mode for the current and previous month. The Remarks column points out the change in employee’s information, which in this case is the employee’s bank account details.

In addition to this important enhancement to Payroll Differences, Release 5.3.2 comes with the following other enhancements:
  • While trying to retrieve a password, it is difficult for a user to remember the Security Question and the associated answer that was set while creating the password. Hence, the steps involved in retrieving the password, has now been simplified.
  • Admin can now decide if attachment for a Leave type must be mandatory in the organization. While doing so, the Admin can also define the number of days after which such an attachment must be mandatory.
  • While creating a Payroll Statement, Admin can now select users and allow them to edit the statement.
  • There are organizations that have details of the Employee Number linked to the access card machine. In such cases, organizations can avoid the task of separately maintaining data of both the Employee Number and the Access Card details of employees. Hence to resolve this dual effort, greytHR now maintains the Employee Number of employees as the Access Card Number.
  • In addition to the History button that appears on the Salary page, an additional History icon now appears beside each modified component. On clicking this History icon, a dialog box appears with information about the Effective Date, Amount and the available history.
  • Admin can now easily identify the employees or headcounts included in a particular Invoice.
  • Information specific to an employee’s attendance cannot be obtained, if an employee is not assigned with an Attendance Scheme. In such a case, a message is now displayed on the Attendance Info page.
  • The PDF for a Payslip sent through email as an attachment, is now renamed as payslip_payrollmonth_year.
  • In case of multi-company account, while generating letters to employees, only the selected company’s (of the multi-company account) name, address, along with the logo can be displayed on the letterhead.