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What is Payroll Software

By Yohann June 23, 2016


What is payroll software and how does it help your business?

As the name goes, payroll..

Is your payroll process working for you?

By Yohann June 9, 2016

Gone are the days of manual payroll processing. The spreadsheet/ desktop era has run its course..

Payroll checklists and reconciliation tools: step-by-step guide to process accurate payroll

By Thushara April 28, 2015

Numerous software systems in the market are made for either experienced users or newbies. At..

10 reasons why SMEs should switch to cloud HR and payroll software

By greytHR March 11, 2015

In our previous blog, we highlighted the tips on evaluating a SaaS app. Here, we highlight the..

5 ideas for an efficient business with greytHR technology

By greytHR January 16, 2015

Businesses that squander valuable man hours and productivity lose steam and miss opportunities...

Paperless Payroll Processing with greytHR

By greytHR May 16, 2014

In this electronic era where critical business functions are moving away from paper processes of..

The top 5 Payroll time savers for small business

By greytHR February 27, 2014

Payroll can be nothing short of nightmares, especially for small business owners, who often have..

Smart tips to make meetings productive

By greytHR February 5, 2014

Many people find meetings to be nothing more than gatherings where endless cups of coffee and..

The top 5 payroll mistakes that you can avoid

By greytHR January 22, 2014

Saving cost is one of the prime objectives of most small business owners. Since hiring people to..