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Processing payroll on Excel? Be cautious.

By Thushara January 28, 2017

Using Excel as a tool for payroll processing started when the other options were either:

7 reasons to switch to a cloud payroll software

By Yohann January 23, 2017

World-over, companies are making the switch to cloud payroll software for their HR & Payroll..

5 ways to get the most from greytHR

By Yohann November 14, 2016

Human Resources, a title very often misunderstood and flippantly abbreviated. The dictionary..

Is your head in the cloud?

By Yohann October 25, 2016

In line with the prevalent trend world-over of shifting to the cloud, India is expected to spend..

Do SMEs need a HR & Payroll Software

By Yohann October 4, 2016

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are all the rage these days, springing up like mushrooms. By..

Optimize your payroll processing

By Yohann August 8, 2016

Payroll processing is one of the few things that is common and vital, irrespective of company..

What is Payroll Software

By Yohann June 23, 2016


What is payroll software and how does it help your business?

As the name goes, payroll..

Is your payroll process working for you?

By Yohann June 9, 2016

Gone are the days of manual payroll processing. The spreadsheet/ desktop era has run its course..

Payroll checklists and reconciliation tools: step-by-step guide to process accurate payroll

By greytHR April 28, 2015

Your new business is off to a flying start with staff and software in place. However, you are a..