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Track attendance in a smart way with GPS based attendance marking

By Vishnupriya September 20, 2018

As a fast growing organization, your biggest challenge is to manage employees effectively. This..

10 advantages of using an attendance management system

By Thushara October 31, 2017

In the quest for increased revenues, and thus, viability, businesses often look outward, rather..

What is Attendance Management?

By Abhilash April 18, 2017

Tracking an employee's attendance is important to your company's profitability, reliability and..

greytHR’s Geo Mark makes swipes and biometrics obsolete

By Abhilash March 9, 2017

Your problemDo you have employees, who work out of multiple offices? Do you have mobile..

Attendance Management - Made Easy with Greytip Online

By greytHR February 7, 2013

“Time is money” said Benjamin Franklin