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Startup City 2009 - an exciting experience

Greytip was one of the 100 odd startups that participated in Startup City event on June 6th, 2009 at the Bangalore NIMHANS Convention Center

The event was hugely successful. It was jam packed with thousands of visitors, entrepreneurs and of course the investors. It's heartening to see India abuzz with entrepreneurial spirit and it bodes well for the future.  

The key advantage of such events is that it lets the world become aware of the intense activity happening within the startups and an opportunity for them to show case their products and services.  

We had a booth to showcase Greytip Online and we witnessed lots of interest from the visitors, CEOs, potential partners, and of course some investors for our offerings. 

We also go a chance to give a  short presentation about Greytip Online to a large gathering at the event. 

 Overall, we enjoyed the event and got to meet hundreds of people.  The interest and enthusiasm shown by visitors to our booth was quite encouraging. We hope it leads to better things for them and for us. Here is a clip of one of our banners.

Greytip Online - Payroll software for everyone

We wish all the startups who are pursuing their dreams good luck and success. Greytip Online can help startups by letting them focus on their goals and us handling their routine and administrative tasks in HR and payroll management and increasing productivity.