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Stacowiki-India’s first comprehensive and free statutory compliance website


We are pleased to announce our new online resource stacowiki—India’s first comprehensive and free statutory compliance website—a ready reckoner covering Central and State Acts.

Why stacowiki?

At Greytip, we aim to help you handle statutory compliances better by means of time saving tools and by keeping you informed about the changing compliance landscape. The information we were sharing was spread out between the blog, online documentation website, and newsbox feature within greytHR.

While there are lots of other blogs, forums, and paid resources, there is no simple and user-friendly website for statutory compliances that has both reference material as well as regular news and updates.

The primary goal of the Greytip stacowiki is to serve our paying customers. However, we also felt we could help millions of professionals by making this a free resource accessible to all.

What’s the difference?

stacowiki aggregates key compliance information and presents it in an easy to digest format. Here are the top five reasons that will make this free site your first stop for information:

  1. Curated content: stacowiki eliminates the cacophony of peer comments and the maze of ads that slow down your search in sites that crowd source info.
  2. Mobile friendly: you can now access info on the go without loss of time.
  3. Modern minimalistic design: you can now scan a page in seconds due to the clean and clear layout. Use the powerful Search feature to broaden or narrow your search. The short guide on the Home page helps in smart site navigation.
  4. Ever growing database: we have started with the frequently used Central Acts on EPF/ESI and bonus payment and the Karnataka Acts that impact your daily decision making. We aim to be an encyclopedic source of information for all Central and State compliances.
  5. Links to primary sources: our subject matter experts have thoughtfully put in links to GOI sites. You can also download forms for offline use and view the compliance calendar and eFiling requirement for each form/report.

The way forward

We have kicked off this project with a specific set of ideas and vision. However, it’s a work in progress and we invite all our customers and HR professionals to steer this project in a direction that will be of most benefit to all of you:

  • Popularize it by sharing the website link with your friends and colleagues.
  • Give us feedback about the website and tell us the ways in which it can be improved.
  • Want to be an editor or a contributor? Let us know and we would be happy to have you on our panel.

The ball is now in your court!

Note to current customers

As mentioned before, we are consolidating all statutory compliance information in one place instead of being spread out all over the place. Please bookmark the stacowiki website and regularly visit it to stay up to date.

Note to future customers

Have you tried greytHR? Just ask any of our customers or experience it and discover a powerful tool to simplify your work and save days and weeks of boring effort.