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Release 5.1.1: product updates


It was just a month and half ago that we had a major software release(v5.1.0). And we are back again with another quick release with lots ofgoodies.

greytHR will automatically be updated to release 5.1.1 for all our customers on 7th July 2015 night. Here is a quick summary of the most importantfeatures:

General/Core HR

  • Team Info view for managers to see their team information.

  • Auto-disable Employee Portal access after the employee’s last working day instead of doing it the moment an employee is marked as resigned.

  • Track background verification status of employees; including agency information.
  • Facility to have an actual DOB for such employees whose official date of birthis different from the day on which they actually celebrate birthdays.This is mostly used for birthday greetings.
  • Facility to have a nickname/short name for employees for informal social interactions where full name sounds awkward.


  • Notification alerts to employees when payroll is released.

  • Redesigned Labour Welfare Fund payroll agent with support for many more states.

  • Renamed the menus as Stop Salary Processing and Hold Salary Payout to better convey the difference between the two.

Attendance & Leave

  • Facility to import monthly Attendance Muster data from an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Enable/disable unused leave schemes from displaying in Leave Granter and Year End Processing.

Statutory Compliance Related Updates

  • Update of the term professional tax to profession tax across greytHR.

  • Mumbai profession tax projection for February month now projected to all Maharashtra locations.


  • New: a report to view all manually entered salary component values.

  • New: Bonus Form D - Annual Return report.

  • Form R - to get permission to allow women to work after 8 p.m.

  • Four extra fields in Salary Statement for added value during batch processing or salary revision.

A more detailed discussion of the above features now follows:
General/Core HR
As a manager, you often need to access just your team’s information. To help you, we have provided the Team Info view apart from the regular org directory. This quick view is doublyuseful when your team is large, dispersed, or there is a churn inresources.


So far, the moment you mark an employee as resigned, the access to Employee Portal is disabled. This is not right, since the employee may need access tothe portal till the last working day. We have addressed this issue inthis release. Access to the Employee Portal will now be disabled the day after the last working day of the employee.

Track background verification of an employee from the profile page and indicate status in ESS. You can also import this data.

Capture both the actual and as per certificate DOB in ESS and indicate the same in greytHR. Optionally, employee can providenickname in ESS to reflect in greytHR social feed. You can also importboth date and nickname data.

As HR, you can now notify all employees automatically the minute you release payroll and again when you republish it after some changes.


Another useful automation is the calculation of Labor Welfare Fund(LWF).  You can now tag an employee for LWF through the person’s profile page and greytHR will automatically calculate the employee and employer’s contribution basedon the work location. For a bird’s eye view of the LWF policies of anystate, check them out within greytHR or the help docs. If you are operating from Delhi then you can even generate the LWF report.

greytHR has two different payroll management features, stop salary and hold salary. The difference between the two features is confusing to users. In fact, there is an important distinction and it has an impact on the payroll.

To make it clearer, we have now renamed Stop Salary as Stop Salary Processing. In this case, the payroll for the employee will not at all be processed and this also impacts the statutory deductions. This is generally usedwhen an employee resigns and we need to do a Full & Final (F&F)Settlement for the employee.

We have also renamed Hold Salary to Hold Salary Payout. In this scenario, the salary is processed normally but payout is heldup due to some reasons. For example, the bank account details aremissing or employee is absconding employees etc.

Attendance & Leave
Import Attendance Muster data to effectively deal with attendance exceptions and overrides in one place for all employees.

Attendance Muster

You can now enable/disable unused leave schemes from displaying in the Leave Granter and Year End Processing pages.

Statutory Compliance Related Updates

We have also ensured compliance through:

Certain components of salary, such as Bonus or Annual CTC, get revised fromtime-to-time. To view these revisions for one or all employees, you can generate the Hand Entry Items History report or modify the existing formula for each component in Payroll Repository.

You can also generate reports on bonus disbursed annually (Form D) and women employees staying back in office after 8:00 p.m. (Form R).

Four new fields can now be added to your salary statement: Cutoff From Date, Cutoff To Date, Financial Year, and Payroll Month. These fields make it easy for you to determine a payroll batch or make decisions about salary revision.

Read more on the release at help docs and send us your valuable feedback, which too helps us improve the product.