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PF KYC Bulk Text File Preparation and UAN Management

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Employers have to now comply with the following requirements from the PF department (EPFO).

  1. Associate an UAN (Universal Account number) for each employee apart from the PF number.
  2. Collect ID proof documents from employees as part of the KYC process.
  3. ID proof verification.
  4. Prepare KYC bulk upload file in the format specified by EPFO.
  5. Upload the file to the PF Employer Portal.

With these additional responsibilities, the HR department now has even more work to do. The KYC file generation is very cumbersome if you want to do it manually. The good news is that greytHR customers can now tackle this work in the shortest possible manner without breaking into sweat.

How? Keep reading...

UAN (Universal Account Number)

greytHR now has a facility to update UAN for individual employees along with other PF details. This can be done either through the Add Employee wizard or the Bank/PF/ESI page.


Excel Import of UAN
As usual, you can also mass import UAN details of all employee using MS Excel through the Excel Import facility.

KYC Verification


In order to comply with the KYC requirements from EPFO, companies should collect and verify ID proof of employees. There are various documents that can be used to furnish the ID proof such as bank account number, PAN number, passport, ration card, etc. In greytHR, we have tried to make the KYC process as simple as possible. Firstly, you can manage multiple employee IDs (bank account number, Aadhaar number, etc.) from one single location.

Excel Import of Employee IDs

While ID details can be entered for each employee individually, we also have bulk Excel import facility available.


ID Verification

It's not enough to just enter ID information. You also need to carry out a verification of details given by the employee. This usually means that originals are scrutinized to ascertain that the ID is bonafide. To help you track the verified IDs, we have a verification updation page where information of all IDs of all employees and the verification status can be managed in bulk. Filters are also available to narrow down the pending cases alone.

Initial Load & Synchronization

Since we information about employee bank accounts and PAN details is already available in greytHR, we are automatically populating the ID document database with the available information. Moreover, if PAN information is already verified, we mark the ID document status as also verified. This should drastically reduce the amount of work you need to do.

PF KYC Document Link

An employee can have multiple supporting documents as ID proof. However, only one document is required while updating KYC information to the PF Employer Portal. The document to be used as ID proof can be linked to the PF information for each employee. greytHR automatically links up the available and verified ID document with UAN. You can also change the ID document to any other verified document if you wish. Further, if there are multiple verified IDs, we link an ID for PF KYC in the following order:

  • Verified bank account information (with IFSC code)
  • Verified PAN information
  • Any other verified ID information (Ration Card, Aadhaar, etc.)

KYC Bulk Upload File Generation

You will have to generate the KYC bulk upload file after UAN details and ID information is available in greytHR. This is a text file containing employee and ID proof information as per the EPFO specifications.

KYC file generation is just a click of the Generate KYC button. To prevent errors, only those employees having both the UAN number as well as a verified ID are considered while generating the output file. Besides, we have different types of filters to let you quickly see which employees don't have UAN number, those without verified IDs, etc.

You can upload the generated file to the PF Employer Portal and take it forward from there. If there are any validation errors reported by the EPFO website, you can make the necessary corrections and regenerate the bulk upload file.

In case you need to do a upload multiple times (because of any changes or any employees who were missed out in the previous uploads), you do not need to worry about remembering which employees data was uploaded earlier and which needs to be newly uploaded. You can upload the data multiple times for an employee.


Greytip Online Support

While most of our customers have switched to greytHR, there are many who are still on the old version - Greytip Online. We have ensured that they too can carry out PF UAN update as well as the KYC upload file generation. We have duplicate the effort and made all of the above features also available in the old version.

Support & Hand Holding

If you still have any doubts please raise a support ticket for assistance. We are also organizing a webinar presentation on this topic shortly to educate our users.

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