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Paperless Payroll Processing with greytHR


In this electronic era where critical business functions are moving away from paper processes of the past, it’s time to bid adieu to the paper paycheck and use paperless payroll, which is both cost-effective and time-efficient. An efficient online payroll solution can help streamline processes and decrease payroll costs. Let’s take a closer look at what greytHR brings to the table.

To begin with, this payroll solution can be used both by the HR & Accounts department of the company to perform HR/ Payroll tasks online. Here’s an overview of what you – as the business owner, can perform.

Setup Payroll

Based on how simple or complex your payroll processes are, you can use greytHR to setup various options/parameters that the online application uses to automate the processes. For example, you can list your employees by generating unique employee numbers, group them based on their employee status (on probation, confirmed) or position attribute types. You can even create employee categories such as Grade, Location, Cost Center, Department etc to group them based on common attributes.

Inputs for Payroll

Managing Employee Information, arrive at payable days, leaves, one time payments etc. are some of the monthly transactional HR tasks. Having a clear overview of this information is a crucial payroll task. With greytHR, you no need to worry about manually preparing these inputs and passing to the Payroll Processor. HR to Payroll end to end automation can be achieved.

Payroll Process

greytHR has simplified this by introducing a checklist driven process. This reminds the processor, updating employee info, handling employee salary revision, paying arrears, deducting LOP, updating employee PAN number, stop payment information and then perform monthly actions like processing payroll, generating payroll statements, verifying payroll differences, emailing pay slips etc. Payroll process is at your finger tips and the cloud technology made the geographical proximity, a myth. You can access the software and process, anytime, anywhere.

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Preparing Payroll MIS is not a nightmare anymore. Statutory Reports and Statements are integral part of your payroll tasks. Be it reports and statements related to payout, payroll control, PF, ESI, Profession Tax, Income Tax, loan, reimbursements, leaves or management reports, you can now handle them all with ease using greytHR . What’s more, you can leverage the application’s Query Builder to create user-defined and ad-hoc reports, and pull out any data that’s stored in the application.

These and many other user-friendly features form the USP of greytHR, which ensure speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of your payroll process. So, go green, in addition to encouraging transparency and boosting productivity.

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