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Leave year-end process: Quick and easy on greytHR

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It’s that time of the year we all look forward to, the time to bid farewell to 2016 and ring in 2017.

Christmas and New Year’s eve always evoke pleasant memories. But amidst all the merrymaking, are you cutting down on your own leaves to streamline the leave year-end process? Are you using multiple spreadsheets? Are you at your wits’ end in an attempt to eliminate copy-paste errors that invariably arise when working with Excel? Or, are you lost in a mire of e-mails and scrambling to capture disorganized leave approvals and requests received through them?

Each leave year-end, mismatches in leave balances get employees frustrated and organizations, helpless. Not only do they call for added effort towards leave deductions and additions, but also create downright ugly situations with cost implications for the company and employee alike. This is especially true where leave categories such as LOP are in question.

Now, put an end to all these troubles with our quick, simple and transparent leave year-end process, available on greytHR’s Leave Management module.

What is the Leave Year-End Process?

The leave year-end process is an annual exercise conducted at the end of the leave year. It ensures that all leave related details such as lapses, encashments and carry forward balances are put in place before the next leave year begins. The primary output of the process, when done correctly, is accurate opening balance of leaves for all employees - a crucial element in leave management.

With this option, greytHR allows you to finish your leave year-end process in no time at all. Let’s take a closer look at this feature.

Choice of auto and manual options

All the components of greytHR have been designed to save you time and effort, and this feature is no exception. On greytHR, you can choose to complete the leave year-end process in one of two ways: auto or manual. With the auto year-end process option, complete the process in a jiffy or explore our manual option for more flexibility and choice. While the auto option greatly reduces the time taken for process completion and simplifies the activity by running it automatically on a previously set date, the manual year-end process allows for more control by making customizations possible.

Want to learn more? Enroll for greytHR’s free webinars on the leave year-end process.

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You can choose a time and date of your choice, as we will be hosting the webinar from 14th till 31 December, 2017.

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