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Leave year-end process & Holiday List for 2015


As you enter a brand new year, you need to complete the Leave Year End process. Earlier, this process involved you performing a series of tasks such as reviewing all pending applications or checking for leave balances. We have now bunched all this together and given you a single click option. Just click the Year End Process button in the Leave Overview page! That is it!! All the year-end policies will be applied, the current year will be closed, and the new year with the right Opening Balances will be created.

You do not need to worry about any unapproved leaves. Whenever the unapproved leave is reviewed, the year-end process for that employee will be automatically run. No more running behind employees/managers to approve pending leaves so that you can complete the year-end process. Leave management has become much simpler now with this feature.

Another major enhancement that we have brought in is compiling the list of Holidays for the coming year across States. You can access the list from our help docs. Some of the holidays listed here, such as Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanthi, are compulsory holidays. The other days are based on State, Religion, and Language. Organizations normally announce anywhere from 10 to 14 holidays per year.

To further simplify the process of creating your own holiday list, we have now introduced an option within greytHR where you can do so by pulling in the items from a list of common holidays. Of course, you can always create new holiday items for those not available in the sample list.

The holiday list and year end leave processing have been a common enhancement request from our clients and and we take pleasure in fulfilling them. Thank you for giving us your feedback on how greytHR can assist you better. Keep talking to us and we promise to keep listening and actioning as required.