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Keep Calm and Build Reports - as per The Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Acts, 1961 and Rules, 1963


From December 2014, you have been busy meeting the deadlines for IT Declaration and submission of Proof of Investment and Form 24Q. Not to mention the yearly closing of accounts and the budgeting for 2015. You are now raring to go for the long planned family vacation. However, you are still a long way from taking a break! There are still registers to update, forms to fill, and other statutory compliances to meet before you can relax.

The reason being that if your organization has a registered office in Karnataka then it is covered under the Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act 1961. This entails that you fill a number of mandatory forms and registers at periodic intervals and keep them ready for the Inspector from the Department of Labour. The most commonly required forms and registers are:
  • Form F - Register of Leave with Wages
  • Form H - Leave with Wages Book
  • Form Q - Appointment Order
  • FORM T - Combined Muster Roll cum Register of Wages

If you file Form U directly, be aware that filing it is now purely online because the Department of Labour, Karnataka, no longer allows manual submission of forms at their office. If you outsource this routine and tedious work to an authorized agent then you may have bought some peace and breathing time. But can you be absolutely sure that you are 100% compliant with the regulations under the Act?

greytHR, the flagship product of Greytip, now covers all bases for you. The cloud-based software enables you to generate these most-used registers as a report from Reports Gallery. Just keep the generated form or register as soft copy or printout for the Inspector to see. The Appointment Order can be generated in a jiffy using the Template Gallery and shared online with the employee. You no longer have to sweat over minor details of frequently performed tasks!

To read more on the Act or download a PDF version of the forms:

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