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Introducing greytHR Onboard: It’s time to simplify new hire onboarding


Mohan is going to start his new job tomorrow. It’s an important move in his career. This is not his first job yet there is some level of anxiety as to how tomorrow morning is going to unravel. He has made sure he has photocopies and originals of all necessary documents. Hopefully, there will be lesser forms to fill, and paperwork and document verification are going to take less time. At least that’s what Ramya, the HR Manager, has told him. But he also understands that there are at least 10 other new hires who are going to join with him. He empathizes Ramya. Even though Ramya has committed that it will take less time, with her onboarding 10 new hires, there will be chaos.

Have you been in a situation like Ramya? Or like Mohan?

Onboarding new hires is easier said than done.

According to a study conducted by SHRM, 17% of new hires leave their companies in the first 3 months and one-third in their first six months due to the lack of an effective Onboarding process. Apart from attrition, the amount of manual paperwork and verifications is an overhead for both HR managers and the new hires. And, it’s not uncommon to have errors and miss-outs leading to various repercussions like statutory fines due to misfiling, delay in background verifications, etc.

greytHR Onboard is here to solve these hassles & help HRs roll out a paperless, digital onboarding experience to their new hires on their first day.


The self-onboarding system is an important piece in the overall HR management jigsaw. For best results, the onboarding solution must be tightly integrated with employee checklists and tasks, document management system, payroll and off-boarding (exit) system. We deliver all this with greytHR at a fractional cost when compared to high-priced point solutions.


Intuitive Interface
Wizard to collect employee information & documents

Review Workflow
Workflow for reviewing, validating & approving data

Integrated Document Management
Document upload facility for multiple docs

Share Policy Documents
Share company handbook, forms & policies

Data Collection from Existing Employees
In addition to onboarding new employees, now there is also release input forms for data collection to existing employees

Release input forms as and when required to ensure  freshness of employees data

Customizable Forms
Customize onboarding form/wizard as per your organisation policy

Mandatory Attachments
Make attachments mandatory as per your organizational requirement

Email notifications at every stage of the process

Extensive Validations
Extensive form validation and business rules

Save Draft Sessions
Users can save draft sessions and pick up where they left 


Paperless Onboarding Experience

Digital record-keeping leads to a green and paperless office apart from efficient data retrieval, any time access and data security.

Improve Data Accuracy

High data accuracy since employees enters the information themselves. A second pair of eyes reviewing the data further improves accuracy

Eliminate HR Data Entry
Completely eliminates data entry work for HR admins. Most employee data is now updated by employees themselves. HR administrators only need to verify and approve the entered data.

Data Quality
Ensures continued data freshness and accuracy by using this facility periodically for existing employees.

Superb Flexibility and Customization

Offers absolute flexibility of customizing onboarding forms as per the organization policy

Systematic Document Management

Improves searchability by providing centralized online doc management

Offers Complete Transparency

Email notifications at every stage results complete transparency of the process being followed

Reduce time spent & increase productivity

Saves a lot of time for HR administrators and for employees leading to higher productivity.

Demonstrate Efficiency

Demonstrate efficiency and performance to top management with hard data using onboarding metrics.

We're on a mission to free HR professionals from mundane transactional work so that they can focus on high impact goals. The self-onboarding system is yet another solution to streamline work and improve your employer brand.


The self-onboarding module is part of the greytHR 2018 platform and is available as an add-on and is charged additional at Rs. 10 Per Employee Per Month. Please check out our pricing page for more details.

Remember, with a comprehensive self-onboarding process you can spend more time creating a better workplace by engaging employees for the long term. Then why wait?

 Try greytHR Onboard


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