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The HR Department of 2020: 6 Bold Predictions

The HR Department of 2020.png

Is the human resources department doomed? Is there any viable future for the HR function? Will HR professionals inevitably be replaced by software?

Software is changing how HR departments function. Erin Osterhaus, the Managing Editor for Software Advice's HR blog The New Talent Times gives 6 bold predictions which lay out what will change and why, as well as how HR professionals can prepare. Nine industry experts interviewed by Erin predict changes which will provide growth opportunities for HR professionals: -

  1. In-house HR will downsize and outsourcing will increase
  2. Strategic thinking will become in-house HR’s new core competence
  3. The pendulum will swing back to the specialist
  4. HR will increasingly utilize analytic and big data to augment its value to the firm
  5. Managing a remote workforce will be the new norm
  6. HR will need to become more like Marketing

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