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greytHR release 5.1.0


A big benefit in using a cloud software like greytHR is the continuous train of regular updates such as enhancements, bug fixes, and performance tweaks.

But it's time now for a bigger release with some path-breaking features.

Introducing: the social network

Good internal communications is a must for employee engagement and alignment. If you read this great article on how the best companies are nailing employee engagement and agree with the prescriptions, you will need some social networking tool such as Yammer or Facebook At Work.

The power of social network is now available in greytHR as an integrated feature. Employees can now get real-time company updates, appreciate colleagues, debate and discuss with them, and so on. As you would expect, we have news feeds, groups, messages, and events.

To be sure, this is just the beginning. We are pretty excited about the future direction and potential of this feature for your HR department.


Automatic Greeting Cards

An easy way to kick start engagement is to announce various events such as newly joined employees, birthdays, or joining anniversaries. Because greytHR is aware of all the employee events, the greeting cards are automatically posted to the social timeline. Isn't that handy for HR folks who can now reap all the benefits of engagement without having to lift a finger?

greytHR keeps it interesting with a variety of card designs that are randomized to avoid monotony. Of course, the design collection will only grow with time!

Powerful Event Notification System

The revamped event system allows you to set up a well-oiled system of alerts and notifications to various stakeholders from employees to managers to even external entities on hundreds of HR events. Hopefully, it will lead to better processes, higher quality, and fewer things falling between the cracks for want of alerts.

Earlier, there was just email for notifications related to HR events or workflows. We have enhanced this now to support email, SMS, mobile push notifications, and social network feeds.

Read the previous sentence again and you will notice some big news lurking there. Yes, we have finally integrated SMS as a communication channel. But we aren't still sure how this will impact the pricing since SMS costs can get quite high. We are working on this and will get back to you on it.

Coming to "mobile push notifications", does it ring a bell? Let’s come back to that in a minute.

Employee Directory

The employee directory is yet another long-standing demand that's finally seen the light of day. Employees can now look up contact details of any of their colleagues without having to build their own private contact list. A little feature with a big convenience. In fact, on a mobile, you could just click the phone number to initiate a call. Oops, did we mention mobile again?

Redesigned Home Page

The introduction of social networking and employee directory has led to an obvious redesign of the Home pages for both Admin users as well as Employee Portal users.

We have also redesigned the greytHR news box design and aligned it with the social stream look and feel.

Form 16 Desktop Signing Utility

greytHR has been supporting digital signatures for Form 16 for many years now. Because greytHR lives on the cloud, you had to upload the soft version (PFX) of the digital certificate for signing to happen. If you had a hardware e-token based certificate, the signing process was cumbersome.

This year, we have created a neat desktop utility to help bridge the on-premise and cloud divide. Just install the utility, log in to your greytHR account, insert eToken and, voila, your Form 16 PDFs are all signed! In fact, it is even simpler than it sounds.

This has also given us an opportunity to revamp and streamline the online Form 16 generation UI too. (It will still take a few more days before you can access it.)

JV Export to Tally

We now support export of Journal Voucher (JV) data to Tally. Once payroll is processed, you can export the JV in Tally XML format and quickly import it into Tally. Should easily save 10 to 20 minutes of valuable time wasted on data entry.

We have locked up the passwords

For a highly secure system, passwords should only enter an application but never ever get out. Keeping that in mind, we no longer send temporary passwords for password resets or new logins through email. Instead, we now send a password reset link that expires after some time.

Coming Soon: Mobile App For Employee Portal

We have saved the most interesting news for the last. Many of the product features, API changes, etc. are directly a result of our mobile journey.

We are almost there with the mobile app for employees to access the Employee Portal. It will be launched in just a few weeks. Right now we are dogfooding it within Greytip and making sure it’s reasonably stable by the time we release it to you.

If you wish to be part of the beta test program and want early access, let us know and we will enable the download link for your employees.


We are automatically rolling out these features this week to greytHR. Do let us know your feedback, concerns, and comments to help us improve the product.

All of these features are part of the existing plans and will not be charged extra. The only exception are SMS charges and we will revert back to you soon with a pricing policy.

Hope all of these features bring greater value to your organization and help you thrive. Wishing you all the best!