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Geo Mark your way to smart attendance


Over the years, marking attendance has come a long way - from the obsolete physical punching in and out, to a more efficient attendance management system of merely swiping a card or using a fingerprint. So what’s become of attendance marking and what does the future have in store for accurate tracking? In a word, ‘geofencing’. Geofences are virtual perimeters created using the latitude, longitude and radius of a location. The possibilities to harness this method for an organization to manage its employees are vast. greytHR’s innovative solution, Geo Mark, uses the GPS from a smartphone to accurately and effectively mark attendance.

Here are some of the scenarios where Geo Mark could help:

A small company could use this to save hardware costs and a large one, for efficiency
For any company (mostly SMEs), every rupee counts. When it comes to attendance hardware, it’s an expense that must be incurred in order to improve accuracy. However, this is not the case any more. With a simple (and free) mobile application, attendance can be logged with minimal intervention of the employee. So for a small company, there will be no additional hardware costs as well as one less component that could go wrong. For a larger company, this means that all the employees can be accurately logged, irrespective of location.

Medium and large sized manufacturing companies with plants in remote locations
Many manufacturing and similar such companies with plants/ factories in multiple locations would normally have a tough time accurately managing employee whereabouts. They would have complicated systems in place with a constant threat of something going wrong with either the hardware or software. With Geo Mark, the employer can effortlessly get attendance data logged and the employee has to merely sign in from the free app, anywhere within the geofence.

Companies with staff deployed to different sites for different projects
Be it a construction company, an architectural firm or any such organization that has staff working out of different locations for a period of time, geofencing is a boon. All the admin has to do is set a perimeter around the remote location an employee is working. Now, whenever an employee enters that location, he/ she can open the app and sign in. This is done through the dedicated ‘Office Locator’ app by greytHR.

Fail safe method to ensure attendance is captured unlike issues with existing attendance capture systems
Very often, attendance hardware systems develop problems that are out of your control. A simple error can cost the company through downtime and loss of data. With an app-based GPS-enabled system, there are no external hardware components to depend on. This ensures that you get accurate and hassle-free attendance data, every time and at no extra cost.

To conclude, in a time when we’re relying more and more on technology in our day-to-day lives, choosing a tool that’s efficient, reliable and affordable can make all the difference.

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