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Generate faster and easier ESI challan with new payment mode


As you are aware, the payment towards ESI is deducted and returns filed every month. As per existing procedure, an employer having multiple sub codes was required to file monthly contribution through separate logins to generate separate challans for main code and individual sub codes. This was time-consuming and frustrating.

Good news

The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has introduced a new mode of challan generation in addition to its existing modes. As an employer, the new mode allows you to file monthly contribution of ESI main code and multiple sub codes through a single Excel sheet and pay through a single challan.

Important features of the new payment mode

The key features of this new payment mode are as follows:

  • After you login, you can access a new screen provided to file contributions for multiple sub codes through the main code.
  • Only a single challan will be generated and there’ll be no changes in the current format of the challan.
  • To specify the sub codes, you should upload contribution sheets along with main code contribution details.
  • You cannot file sub codes (specified in the contribution sheet) twice for the same month. However, you can perform other transactions, such as registration of employee, TIC generation, etc.
  • For common contribution filing, you can generate only full amount challan.
  • Please note that you can file sub codes, which were not included in the common sheet, through the existing process.

An important side note

The ROs/ SROs are issuing defaulter notices to the employers, who have paid contribution for sub codes using consolidated challan. As there is an application issue, these consolidated challans were not updated in the defaulter list. The system integrator for ESIC is working on it and has requested all those employers to check C-6 before initiating defaulter action.

Download the Circular from ESIC